Tell Your Tree Story

To Protect and Defend


Oh, how happy we should be,

That we have shade under a tree.

Shade that reduces bills,

And also produces chills.

We can’t relax,

We’ve been given this task.

To protect and defend,

Just like a dear friend.


Oh how grateful we should be,

For the oxygen that we breathe.

Trees produce that you know,

That and refine H2O.

Now take a breath,

And take this test.

To protect and defend,

Just like a dear friend.


Oh, how surprised we should be,

That someone wouldn’t love trees.

When life seems all a mess,

Trees reduce stress.

So once again,

We must begin,

To protect and defend,

Just like a dear friend.


Oh how relieved we should be,

They ask so little these majestic trees,

Water if needed once in a while,

On their roots don’t place a pile.

All they would ask,

Since you’ve taken the task,

To protect and defend,

Just like a dear friend.


Oh, how honored we should be,

That we hold positions that help the trees.

Help them we must,

They’ve given us their trust.

They have no voice,

And we have made that choice.

To protect and defend,

Just like a dear friend.


—Susan J. Henson, Horticulturist/Arborist, City of Grand Prairie, Parks and Recreation

Award Nominations


Nomination Form

Everyday Hero Award

Awarded to an individual with outstanding community service who has demonstrated leadership in a project or organization and has  shown  exceptional  dedication  to improving the urban forests of Texas.


Excellence in Education Award

Awarded to an individual, organization, or agency that has done the most in the past year to advance Urban Forestry Education in Texas. Recipient must have shown innovation and leadership in creating or improving educational opportunities for either individuals or organizations. This  should  be  demonstrated  through  educational materials, workshops, programs, videos, public awareness programs, etc.


S.O.S. – Save Our Shade!

Awarded to an organization or community that demonstrates creative solutions toward caring for the urban tree canopy in relation to the various threats our trees face – preserving the many benefits & services delivered by the community’s trees.


Best Project

Awarded to an organization or community which completed an urban forestry project that:

•    Addressed two or more environmental or public safety issues

•    Involved the community and/or other organizations or agencies

•    Significantly enhanced the urban forest and livability of the community


Awarded to the municipality, community, or business that has shown the most improvement

in the past year or has demonstrated over a period of several years’ exceptional leadership, innovation, growth, and, community involvement in creating

a consistent and well-managed urban forest.


Community Building with Trees Award                      

Awarded to a corporation, agency or elected official whose mission is not urban forestry related but has demonstrated a significant and noteworthy level of contribution to a community, region, or the State of Texas utilizing urban forestry or green infrastructure programs to contribute to,  and  enhance quality  of  life.


Designing with Trees


Awarded to landscape designers, architects or town planners, the new ‘Designing with Trees’ category awards projects that utilize the benefits of trees in a creating public spaces. Public spaces are those open to the public for recreation, transportation, retail or commercial activity